Cover Letter

May 16, 2012


English 110: Education and Ethnography, was an “open eyes” experience, I never thought about college in the way I was able to do it in this class. I call it an “open eyes” experience, because is the way I feel it was, my eyes were opened to see and understand college in a different perspective. The discussions about the different representations of college gave me a better understanding on how sometimes college could end up in the opposite of what we think it should be. Writing was very enjoyable in this class, I had taken English classes before where I had to write a lot of essays, but writing in these classes was always about completing an assignment, and in this particular class I learned that writing is something practical and that if someone exercises it could master it.  I also learned important writing techniques very helpful for any class, like pie paragraphs, theory section, and application.

my merits

May 7, 2012

my merits in school so far are; I got a certification and my name was posted on the dean’s list of LaGuardia Community College becuase of my excellent performance. I got high grades in my regenst exams and I got recognition because of that. during High School I also was elected student of the month with an average of 100 in foreing class. Every marking period during High School I recieved a certification in my math class with the highest grade in the entire class. Something very significant to me is that I as a ESL student during High School I could over come the language barrier in front of me, and I also got a certificationof excellence in my English class and a high grade in the English regent

my favorite classes

April 29, 2012

my favorite classes in QC so far are ENG 110 and History 104, those are my favorite classes because I have learned a lot of important and very interesting things in this classes. for instance I have enjoyed a lot the discussions about college we have had in my English class, those discussions have allowed me to see college in a different way and to think critically about the choices I make about my career. History is also an interesting class, the professor is very funny and make the class very enjoyable and not boring as history classes use to be. my favorite classes in High School were Science, History, Spanish, and mathematics. Classes that I am looking forward to taking in my major are SPAN 224 GRAMMMAR  SPAN 225 COMPOSITIONS,  SPAN310, SPAN 312 AND A lot of Spanish classes that I need for my major.

Hope on the rez

April 29, 2012

this video shows the obstacles that many Native Americans have to face because of the few opportunities to get education. many are having now the opportunity to succeed and to have a better economic stability because of education, this shows how a preparation and a good education makes a good difference in many people. what it’s very interestng is how Native Americans want to educate themselves to study but without forgeting about who they are, by keeping their culture and helping their community.

my career/

April 29, 2012

I love teaching and that it is something that I have been doing with kids in my curch, I also have teach and worked as a tutor before, I also can say that I enjoy teaching kids, and my first choice when joined Queens College was to get a degree as an elementary school teachers. Nevertheless, I understand that dealing with kids will make my job harder, and that’s one of the reason why I decided to declared my major in the spanish field in teaching but as a professor in a college.

I think Queens College will be a better place if classes will be smaller, I think that that will help student a lot to understand classes in a better way and it will give students the opportunity to enjoy and be more active in class. When classes are to big the professor does not even know the student name and I think that a relationship between student and professor it’s important to provide a better understanding of class material. I also think that classes should not use those expensive books that sometimes are not even used in class, in my own experience I didn’t buy a book that it’s use inmy history class that was very expensive and the semester is almost over and have not needed this book, and I’m actually doing very good in this class. Another thing that should change is the cost of classes, they are very expensive. another thing is the requierment classes that a student needs to take to graduate, most of the time they are not relevant and useless for the major, I thhink is a waste of time, and money.

I think college ratings make a lot of influence on the prestige the degree you will get have. the “best” rate the college have the best prestige your degree have. I think this is unfair, because the college that have more prestige are those that only rich people have access, and this is what make those prestige schools more competitive, the more prestige the “better”. There a lot of really smart and intelligent people that have not access to those prestige colleges, why because of the money.



April 26, 2012

When watching at this video I can tell that there are people who had this kind of representation that college is a place only to have fun, like drinking, having sex, going to parties, but not a place to study this kind of representation is also seen a lot in movies and an example of this is the movie COLLEGE, in the trailer college is also represented in this way:

Best Educational Moment

April 26, 2012

my best educational moment was when I draguated from High School, I think it was mybest educational moment because I finished and graduated from school with a very good average and I obtained merits because of my good grades on regents. something that made this day so important was that even though English is not my firstl language I overcome something that seemed to be an obstacle to succeed, and I did in spite of all the problems I faced. It was also pretty nice to see parents very proud of me, because after that I decided to join College.

the marshmallow test

April 3, 2012

 Can this test really determine if someone will be successful or not?