Stefanny Lopez

Professor: Alvarez


Essay 3: Personal Statement

Turning Bad into Good

     “Because all things work together for good.” This a common phrase that my grandmother used to tell me when I was a little girl. As a child I could not understand the deep meaning these words have, until I turned sixteen and had to face a challenging change in my life that gave meaning to this phrase and have determined many of the aspects of whom I am and where I am going.

     When I turned sixteen, my dad a hard worker man who has traveled to The United States when I was only two years old and finally, after fourteen years of a lot of sacrifices (e.g. leaving his wife and little kids, to give them a better future) obtained the necessary documentation and money to bring us to this nation. My family and I traveled from Colombia to Queens, New York to start our new life. For me as a teenager changes were already hard and difficult, and now I was encountering myself in a new country, a new culture, a new language, basically in a new world.

     Immediately I resided in Queens my dad subscribed me to Newtown High School to finish my secondary education. It was there when the bad things of changes started to emerge. I encountered myself in classrooms where I could not understand what the teacher was saying, “English,” a language that I did not know, and the constantly desire to graduate from High School were my commonly conflicts. What should I do now if I could not understand what my teachers were telling me? I remembered frustration as one of my common feelings; that feeling when one wants to succeed in something and one cannot do it. However, I was considering my dad’s effort and sacrifices to give us the opportunity he and we will lack in Colombia. Both of my parents were constantly encouraging me to become a professional, and during this conflicted moment I decided to turn what seemed to be bad to good.

     The language barrier was affecting me in other subjects as well. For instance, I failed the mathematic class that I took during my first summer in USA; I used to be good in Math, but word problems and the teacher’s explanations were in English. It was a difficult moment for me, I was trying to do my best, but things were not resulting as I was expecting. Therefore, I joined the after school program offer in Newtown High School, I was not required to do it however, I was decided to change what seemed to be bad into my own benefit. I remember to have my regular classes from 7:30am to 3pm, after my regular classes I went back home to eat something and I returned to school from 4pm to 6:30pm. These extra classes helped me to develop better English, Math and History skills. One of my teachers Mrs. Oviedo encouraged me, and dedicated her time to prepare me for my regents’ exams. Things were changing now, I became student of the month with a 100 average in a foreign language, I also received a certification of excellent performance in my English class, and every marking period I got one of the highest grades in my math class. I finally, graduated with a regent’s endorsement, and English regent was one of my highest grades.

     I enrolled LaGuardia Community College where I learned and improved significant important skills in writing, communication, and interpersonal abilities. Classes in college were harder than in High School, but I committed myself to accomplish high grades, and because of my consistently outstanding academic performance I earned a place on LaGuardia Community College’s Dean’s List, which is only giving to students that “have an exemplary overall academic record and at least 3.50 grade point average”(LaGuardia ). I graduated  from LaGuardia Community College with the desire to complete higher education, my goal is to obtain my PH.D as a Spanish Professor, and I chose Queens College for its qualify educational programs that will allow me to make a big step toward my future plans.

     Now with 22 years old I do understand my grandmothers’ phrase, “because all things work for good,” even bad things, because obstacles make us stronger and help us to construct a firm and persisted personally. Now, when I face obstacles, I think about that experience that I had when I was so young, and I say to myself I can turn bad things into good, and dedication and persistence are essential attributes to succeed.

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One Response to “Personal Statement (essay 4)”

  1.   salvarez said:

    Stefanny, I really like how you brought the essay back to your grandmother at the end. That’s called a “frame” and it’s a smart way to organize the essay, and to let your audience know you are wrapping things up.

    You were very specific with what details you gave above. With your Ph.D., how will you help students who came to the USA like you? Will you do research with these students? What kinds of things would you like to write books about? Those are some of the questions you have to be able to answer as a Ph.D. in Spanish. For example, a book about students learning English from Colombia, for example, would be pretty specific.

    Again, be specific as well with teachers at QC you look forward to studying with, or classes you look forward to taking in the future.

    8 out of 8 points.

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